about us

The Name is Simple Yet Different

It represents people like myself who deal with STRESS, FEAR, and ANXIETY and how it’s impacting our PHYSICAL and MENTAL well-being in these changing times and that there is no shame in seeking help to become
a PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY stronger you. I know I’m not alone in my struggles and I want to help spread the word and INSPIRE and EMPOWER all through better mental health awareness.

Not just your basic apparel

It stands for something with a meaningful PURPOSE that I am PASSIONATE about and I want to help make everyone feel EMPOWERED about who they are when they wear the logo.

One of the hardest things to do is just be yourself and hope people like and accept you for who you are.

A lot of us STRESS ourselves out trying to portray a certain image to gain acceptance from others by doing things that we think people will praise and look up to us because we don’t believe that who we are is good enough.

You’re not just wearing a logo you’re wearing a STATE OF MIND.

A portion of sales go to mental health agencies.  Whatever your journey is. A path we all must take.

Find the JOY of YOU.


What Does JABN Stand For?

The acronym stands for:

“Just A Brand Name”

After your first purchase, email us about how the brand spoke to you about pursuing your passion and purpose and receive a free hat.